Device Not Working? Try these steps:

  1. Restart the app (make sure the app is closed completely in the background by swiping it away).

  2. Remove and re-insert the batteries -- this will force the device to wake-up (usually not needed).

  3. Check the battery orientation -- they both face upwards toward the mouthpiece

  4. Replace the batteries if needed. Once the device is connected, you'll see a battery level indicator in the lower right corner of the app screen. There have been cases where new spirometers come with bad batteries. 

  5. When searching for a device to pair it may take a minute or two depending on the number of other bluetooth devices in the area. You might have to scroll down to see your device. Once you've connected for the first time the app will automatically search for that same ZEPHYRx spirometer upon re-opening.

  6. Turn the bluetooth off on any nearby phone/tablet that has previously connected to the device as it may be interfering. 

  7. When connecting via bluetooth, if you don’t see your device after a few minutes, exit the ZEPHYRx application and go to SETTINGS > BLUETOOTH on your phone or tablet. Turn bluetooth off, then back on again. 

  8. Enable Location Services SETTINGS>SECURITY & LOCATION Toggle Location the switch to ON.

  9. Check if you can see the device at the phone level: go to SETTINGS > BLUETOOTH on your phone. The device usually starts with "SM005". There have been cases where the device doesn't show up at the phone level but it is picked up and able to connect on the Breathe Easy app. If the device appears but you're still not connected, select the option to 'forget' the device. 

  10. Check to make sure the Breathe Easy has app permissions enabled. Locate Breathe Easy through SETTINGS> APPS and allow bluetooth, microphone, camera and data. 

  11. Make sure the mouthpiece is firmly seated in the turbine (the orange color propeller piece). You may have to remove and re-insert the mouthpiece. Rotate the turbine just about 1/4 turn as you insert it (insert into orange side of device. The end of the turbine will stick out the opposite side of the handle by about 1/2 inch.

  12. *For some Samsung devices*- Go to SETTINGS> CONNECTIONS> MORE CONNECTIONS and disable ‘Nearby Device Scanning’ if it is on.

  13. Check to make sure nothing interferes with the spinning turbine.

  14. When inhaling or exhaling make sure your hand does not cover the spirometer turbine opening in the back. Make sure your lips make a complete seal around the mouthpiece.

Our troubleshooting/ startup guide is attached below for your reference. If you continue to experience connection or testing issues please message or call 888-452-6269.