Please follow these instructions in order to connect your spirometer in the Breathe Easy app

First, make sure that your spirometer is properly assembled.

1. Place batteries in battery pack with both positive ends facing upwards towards the mouthpiece.

2. Secure the mouthpiece into the turbine (turbine is the orange piece with the spinning wheel).

3. Insert the turbine and mouthpiece into the orange side of the spirometer (orange to orange) so that the turbine is pushed through the opposite side about a quarter inch and locked into place with a clockwise turn.

Next, make sure that your phone or tablet settings are configured correctly.

1. Open phone/ tablet settings and enable bluetooth and location services.

2. Open app permissions menu and enable bluetooth, local network, microphone, camera and cellular data (all of these options may not appear) for the Breathe Easy app. 

Now it's time to connect your spirometer in the Breathe Easy app 

1. Launch the Breathe Easy app

2. Allow the app to scan to search for your spirometer

3. Select the spirometer that corresponds to your device

4. Once paired, your spirometer ID will appear in the lower right corner of the app screen.

Having issues connecting your device? Refer to the ZEPHYRx troubleshooting guide attached below or contact our support team at or 888-452-6269. Thank you!