ZEPHYRx has released a tasks and reminders feature now available on the newest update of our Provider Dashboard! This feature will allow Providers to assign tasks and set reminders for their patients through the Provider Dashboard. These can be located in the new 'Patient Settings' tab on a patient's profile (Providers will also now set/ edit demographics here as well). Providers can send their patients reminders to complete FVC/SVC tests or games and monitor the status of their tasks in the Dashboard. Reminders can be set at a frequency of daily, weekly, bi weekly, monthly, bi monthly or quarterly.

Once a reminder is set, the patient will receive a notification on their device that the task has been assigned. They will also be able to track the status of their tasks in the upcoming version of the Breathe Easy app (v1.10.0).

To learn more or have tasks/ reminders functionality added to your site, please message us at support@zephyrx.com or call our live support line at 888-452-6269. Thank you!